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Magic of the underfloor heating

The underfloor heating gives you a sense of thermal comfort at temperatures 2-3 deg. C lower in comparison to conventional heating, which translates to energy savings of approximately 10-15%!

Economy & Comfort

In surface heating system Tweetop Floor, the whole floor area is the heater, due to which horizontal temperature distribution in the room is even, while the vertical temperature decreases with increasing height. Thanks to this, heat is transmitted to the body parts that need it most, such as feet, while the head – inherently vulnerable to overheating, remains cool.

A sense of thermal comfort in rooms where Tweetop Floor underfloor heating is used is felt already at temperatures that are even 2-3 deg. C lower than for conventional heating. This translates into economy of the system, since lowering the temperature inside the room by 1 deg. C is a saving of approximately 6% of thermal energy, which is a significant reduction in the operating costs of the heating system.

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