Tweetop Multilayer pipe PERT / AL / PERT 16mm - 200m coil

VAT included

Tweetop PERT Multilayer pipe PERT / AL / PERT 16mm x2.0mm - 200m coil 

Five layer pipe – PERT-EVOH-PERT


  • long service life – min. 50 years
  • low absolute roughness coeffcient (0.0005mm), low hydraulic losses, low possibility of sediment deposition
  • low flow noise
  • total resistance to corrosion
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • withstands high pressure and temperature
  • oxygen impenetrability thanks to EVOH layer
  • outer protective layer made of PERT – EVOH protection measure
  • low weight –18kg for 200m coil / dia.16mm
  • optimal thermal conductivity coffcient – 0.4 W/mK
  • high flexibility – minimal bending radius is 5x outer diameter of the pipe
  • resistance to most chemical compounds
  • vibration suppression ability – resistance to hydraulic impact
  • hygienic: pipe is made of non-toxic PERT, so it’s ideal for potable drinking water systems
  • frost resistant
  • broad range of applications

Certificates and guarantees

  • production made in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • SKZ Approved (no. A 286)

Range of applications

  • central heating installations (max. 6 bar and 90°C)
  • underfloor heating installations
  • wall heating installations
  • ice water cooling installations (e.g. 5/12°C)
  • diameter range: 12-32mm
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